F  Flemming

A  @

R  Race-

T  Trimming,

S  Speed-

T  Tuning,

R  Research and

P  Programming

Consultant in:
- Low level DSP/CPU programs.
- Analog hardware.
- Test systems for electronic-production.
- Racecar setup and engine tuning.

Engine management:
- No chip-tuning on roadcars is done.
- Constructs and installs electronics in race-cars.
- All software and hardware developed in-house - nothing is impossible.
- One system to support many cars, a lot of setup possible.

Flemming Jensen:
- B.Sc.E.E. 1989 with acoustics and DSP's as speciality.
- 15 years experience programming Pascal and Delphi.
- 10 years experience constructing mobile phone audio equipment.
- 10 years experience constructing EMC correct hardware.
- 10 years experience programming Analog Devices ADSP21xx DSP assembly.
- 8 years experience programming Intel 8051 assembly language.
- 8 years experience programming Hitachi H8 assembly language.
- 4 years experience constructing 2.5GHz RF hardware.

1989 :First Rollerstand using 8051 and PC-XT 4.77Mhz computer.
1994 :First NEC349-1 based on 8051 used for BMW M50 experimental engine.
1997 :First FFJ100-1 (55 pin) based on 8051 on racecars in danish Group N.
1998 :Last Rollerstand (Optima 2000) by Flemming Jensen.
1999 :First FFJ101-1 (88 pin) based on H8/300 for BMW M50.
1999 :First FFJ103-1 (55 pin) based on H8/300 for BMW M20.
1999 :First FFJ104-1 (88 pin) based on H8s2357 for BMW M50 vanos.
1999 :Racing with Golf I in Clubraces and SSC started using FFJ104-1.
2003 :Winning Danish SSC with maximum points with Golf Evo-III using FFJ104-1.
2004 :Fartstrup Aps founded by Flemming Jensen.
2004 :First FFJ105-1 (55 pin) based on H8s2357 for universal purpose.
2005 :Support for VW / AIM CAN instrumentation, Speed pilot,
          Anti-theft, TCS, Wideband sonde and EGAS.